Friday, 1 February 2013

Date with Dolphins

A childhood dream comes true...A most unexpected surprise...A long awaited wish...I don’t really know how I express my thrill, my happiness, my excitement when all of a sudden I finally had my Date with Dolphins.

What I had Imagined?
My Wish!
During a recent trip to Goa, the least I had expected was my long Due Date with Dolphins.  Like for any other trip before planning this vacation too, I was researching on the Internet to figure out what all we could do in our 2nd trip to Goa. During my Research I came across several websites promoting Dolphin tours. However, I felt all of this is totally untrue and nothing of this sort exists in India. An outright dismissal from my end. 

However, on the 3rd and last day of Goa vacation, we hired a chauffeur who promised that all of this is not fallacious and that in a 30 minutes trip we can see the dolphins. He took us to Coco Beach in North Goa. At one of the kiosks there we got tickets for this fantasy tour. Even at that time I wasn't convinced. After about 15 minutes of boat ride we were at the far end of the Coco Beach and suddenly the skipper said, “There is the dolphin”. He started speeding the boat towards them and in no time almost everyone had seen The Dolphin except me. My folks started pulling my leg.  But I could not take my eyes off the water as I did not want to miss. Alas, before I could begin cribbing even I managed to spot my Dream Date, the Dolphins…

Lone Boats at Coco Beach
The Coco Beach 
Yes, I say the Dolphins, as I spotted not one but a pair…

This is how I had Seen them too

 Glimpses of the dolphins…

Dorsal fin of Dolphin
Just a Glimpse
Beak of Dolphin
Finally after many many years later, I managed to fulfill my childhood dream. I had wanted to spot this lovely playful creature for long. Having traveled practically the entire coastline of India I had completely given up on this dream of mine. As a kid I had watched on TV the dance of dolphins. It had completely fascinated me. All that I wanted was to see them once, to see them once with naked eyes.

Something similar I had seen on TV
As shown on TV
Actually I could just see them a couple of times, no dancing, jumping or leaping from water as I had imagined…

My Dream Date Jumping
School of Dolphins
But still I am quite happy and contend with my mesmerizing experience, with my Date with Dolphins.  
A Calve


  1. It was a dream come true for me as well... the whole experience was kind of a imagination that u could feel being realized...
    And kudos to you, for putting that so well here that i could re-live my dream... :)

  2. wow! It is my dream too, let's when my dream date gets set up!

    Nice shots!

  3. Beautiful shots! Happy for you that you could live your dream, your presentation is wonderful :-)

  4. nice shots. I am yet to have a close meeting with Dolphins

  5. Its really like imagination...:)

  6. add alt text and title to your pics....

  7. Love the way you write...:)