Thursday, 27 December 2012

Tryst with Destiny…

With the onset of Winters, the place which begins to haunt me, calls me Aloud, Once Again, is the City of Destiny – VIZAG, City of My Dreams…
Tryst with my Destiny

Travelling along the RK Beach, the beautifully done up City simply held me Awestruck. It seemed to be one hot spot of the city, where people from all age group chill out. The place just makes you happy. Something is really magical about it. While on the one hand you see people strolling around, some swimming, others climbing up the rocks around and children too having a fun time playing at beach sand and with water.

Further walking down the RK beach, I gained experience of a Lifetime; I explored A Submarine, INS Kursura Submarine Museum – First of Its Kind in Asia. Gigantic, black in colour, in shape of a liner, it simply enthralled me to the core. 

Spellbound as I stepped inside the submarine I was amazed to have explored the torpedoes, shafts, mines and, of course life in a submarine. It had everything from stuff we have in our house to defense equipment’s. Appeared to me a warship at first, then a little house inside it and finally what it actually is a Battleground Underwater. After her glorious service to the nation for years the submarine is now a Museum. It still serves our country after being decommissioned in 2001. Now it’s helping people like you and I to see and feel “what is it like to Live in a Submarine”. An experience which must be experienced. To my knowledge while talking to a guide at the Submarine I also gathered that INS Kursura played a stellar role in the Indo Pak war of 1971.

Strolling through this lovely City, one gets to see beautiful sculptures, statues and murals. Each one differs from the other. Unlike most Indian cities where we only get to see statues of Political Personalities, what’s unique about this Dream City is that it has sculptures and murals of just about anything to everything. Almost everything in the city has a beautiful sculpture designed to it.

Mesmerizing was yet another experience, at an altitude of 360ft, was a hilltop park facing the Bay of Bengal– Kailasgiri. Along with the dazzling 40ft statue of Shiva Parvati, this hillock gives an enchanting view of the sea, beaches, lush green forests and the bustling city. Besides a scenic view, there are a lot of other fun activities to explore at this little hillock. The best was of course the little toy train moving alongside me. It truly gives the Most Lovely view of the city and helps me to recall those good old days of being a kid. Yes, the awesomeness of this city definitely brings out the Child in me.

To my delight I had another most memorable experience that the city offered, getting into a park and exiting to a beach at the other end. This was so much fun, greenery paving way to the sea. As I walked along the Beach Road, I enjoyed it quite a few times. Among other parks like, VUDA Park, Shivaji Park, Tenneti Park, offer this extra ordinary enchanting feel. 

To enjoy this never ending fun journey one must travel and feel the beauty of this city which even has a natural harbour to it. To Travel here,

By Air: Vizag is well connected to all the major cities of India, like, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata etc. International flights also operate on this route from countries of Singapore and Dubai among others.
By Train: Visakhapatnam is on Kolkata-Chennai main line and is connected to both the cities by train.
By Road: Visakhapatnam is connected to Chennai and Calcutta via Bhubaneswar and Vijayawada by National Highway 5. The Andhra Pradesh State Road Travel Corporation (APSRTC) runs buses from almost every city and town to Vizag, along with some private operators. 



  1. Simply awesome! Feels like going there right away... Really nice post to read and feel...

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  3. Amazed to see these pics of such an awesome places in India especially Vizag pics are great and I would love to be there once in life .. Thanks for sharing and carry on with your this hobby and ask Arun in a month or in couple of months to go for a new venue :-). Just kidding but keep it up.

  4. very very nice... first thought this was some other country.. you had me fooled there for a moment with those amazing pictures...

  5. Great first post...All the best with the blog...Let the awesomeness be posted frequently...

  6. I m amazed to see a beautiful place i have never heard of before. It feels so great to have a look on the view. Thanks for giving us a chance to see the beauty and also a hope to visit such an awesome place once in a lifetime....

  7. A great start to your blog. I would love to visit Vizag some day. It is a beautiful coastal town.

  8. nice presentation, plz add an alt text and title to your pics....
    (plz add a title to your picture)good start... keep it up.

  9. i havent visited vizag yet, but have head loads about it... nice start to ur blog. all the best

  10. I haven't visited Vizag yet. Didn't also know it has so much to see. Thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes and congratulations to start your blog.

    Just one suggestion - You can increase the size of your photos according to the width of your template... they'll enhance the posts. :)

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  11. Wow dis is jst awesome , cant believe india has such a beautiful place was totally spellbound by its beauty .thanx for taking us thru such a beautiful journey of vizag .luk forward to more of these mesmerizing places thru u .

  12. Wow, that looks good. I haven't explored the Bay of Bengal coast much. Would love to. Soon, I hope :)
    Thanks for your comment btw